Tips for Planning a Successful First Birthday Party


You’ve waited 365 days (or more if you count pregnancy) for this moment, bought an Instagram-worthy cake, and now that the moment is here, your baby is in shambles in front of all your guests.

Yup. I’ve been there.

And I wanna do my best to help you avoid that experience, so here are a few tips to help you plan accordingly!

1. Keep it Simple

I know we see celebrities planning these huge, extravagant parties with carnival rides and performers. But let’s just be real- your one year old has no idea what’s going on and would honestly more likely be scared or overwhelmed by all the action. Keeping the party simple is your best bet.

With both kids, we decided to have a little get together at the house for their first birthday, then go all out for their second birthday when they’ll be more aware and able to do more activities. Not only did it save us from a potential meltdown, but it saved us a few bucks too.

2. Stick to their Schedule

Another perk of throwing the birthday bash at home is that you can choose the best time that works for you and your baby. If you know your child takes a nap every morning around 10am, it’s probably best to avoid an 11am party time. We usually aim for 3:00pm, as it’s right after our nap and right in between meal times.

And if the birthday boy or girl suddenly becomes tired in the middle of the party, don’t feel bad about putting them to sleep! Your guests will completely understand and you will be happier letting them rest rather than fighting a cranky baby.

3. Plan for a Short Celebration

I suggest keeping the party to about 2 hours. Go ahead and include the end time on the invite, that way guests know what to expect. Unless your baby is used to having a lot of people over and a lot of commotion, he’ll probably be pooped after 2 hours of partying. It’s just enough time to eat, play, and have cake before they decide they’ve had enough.

And pro-tip, if you schedule the party at 3pm, no need to serve a large meal. People will anticipate having snacks/light refreshments and the party will end just in time for them to go out and have dinner after. You’re welcome 😉

I hope these tips help you plan a successful first birthday! If you have a little one about to celebrate, drop a comment and let me know your plans! Here are some pictures from our weekend festivities. I’ll include links to some of the decorations I bought in case you like them. Happy planning! 🥳

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“Wild One” Banner (Amazon) –

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